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If you're searching for a handmade memorial that is simple, elegant, and has a modern feel to it, our Wooden Urn Boxes make a great choice. Made with passion and love, these urn boxes are eco-friendly, made with repurposed wood.

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Our urns are individually crafted by hand and we oversee the entire process.

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  • Choosing The Right Urn

Known for its warm, attractive, and unique tones, wood has always been a popular material for a memorial. People love wood because of its smell, aesthetic beauty, unique texture, and its reference to nature. Each piece of wood has unique wood grain patterns, color, texture, and shine. No two pieces are alike, much like us as people.

Before choosing a wooden urn, it’s important to know that they come in a variety of sizes, colors, wood grains, and shapes. Below is some information that will help you choose a wooden urn that is perfect for your loved one.

Types of wood used for urns

All wood types develop a unique appearance over time with unique grain patterns and colors that range from light pink to reddish brown and even a touch of purple.  The most well liked wood types for cremation urns include:

Cherry: strong and durable with warm reddish-brown patina and hints of pink.

Maple: abundantly available, tough, and durable with a very appealing aesthetic.

Oak: sturdy, durable, and easy to finish. It is an excellent choice for urns because of the tannic acids that protects the wood against pests.

Walnut: exceptional resilience to decay and abundantly available. The beautiful chocolate brown hue of the wood makes it a popular décor option for a memorial urn.

Mahogany: easy to work with because of its shape retaining properties.

Wooden urn sizes

Cremation urns are measured by cubic inches. One pound of a person’s body weight equals one cubic inch. For example, if someone weighs 200 pounds, you will need to get a cremation urn with a volume capacity of 200 cubic inches.

Here are the typical sizes available for wooden urns:

Keepsake urns: capacity of 2-50- cubic inches

Small urns: capacity of 50-100 cubic inches

Adult urns: capacity of 150-250 cubic inches

Companion urns: capacity of 350-500 cubic inches