Luxury Modern Urns

Collection: Luxury Modern Urns

Are you looking for a modern urn that's a bit more artistic and stylish than your average memorial? Then one of our handmade luxury urns might be for you.

Each of these handpicked luxury urns offer a modern and tasteful way to display a memorial publicly or in a private setting.

Below you will find some stunning examples of handmade luxurious urns made out of crystal, glass, gold, and more.

Michael Aram Luxury Urns

Diamond Urns Collection

Bohemian Crystal Urns Collection

  • Buying A Luxury Urn

If your loved one had style and a taste for the finer things in life, a luxury memorial is the perfect tribute. His range of timeless memorials will look stylish in any household and shine sparkle for many generations to come. For more information about this collection of urns, feel free to get in contact with one our memorial experts.