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Why I Created A Memorial Marketplace

My Deepest Condolences,

I've been around the memorial industry nearly all of my life. I come from a family of stonemasons. I also manage the Cremation Institute, a site which provides free end of life resources. But one thing I never could understand is why memorials have to be so dull and generic.
Families obviously need their process to grieve but they should also be able to celebrate the life of their loved ones.

After working with people suffering with grief, I wanted to create something more inspiring, deeply personal, that people could keep close to them.

 I went out and connected with talented and inspired artists that share my vision. These artists are truly special people who love helping people. They want their memorial to tell a personal story. And they want families to heal through their art.

And so, the You Are Forever brand was born. A place for families to memorialize their loved ones through art, in a deeply personal and spiritual way. My hope is that we can provide an experience and memorial that brings you some comfort at such a difficult time.

My thoughts are with you,

Founder Of You Are Forever