Paper Turtle Water Scattering Urns

Collection: Paper Turtle Water Scattering Urns

Set your loved one free in a spiritual & eco-friendly way

If you're looking to celebrate the life of your loved one with a scattering ceremony, our popular collection Paper Turtle Urns are a fantastic choice. Perfect for sea, river, & lake scattering, these urns are handmade, easy to assemble, and 100% biodegradable.

Paper Turtle Biodegradable Scattering Urns

Our Promise To You

Deeply Spiritual

These handmade urns will give your loved one the perfect send off & be the centrepiece of your scattering ceremony

High Quality

Each urn is hand made by experienced artisans with high quality eco-friendly materials.

Easy To Assemble

These urns are designed simply so anyone can assemble and send them off in a body of water.

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