Memorial Tree Planting Guide: Ideas For Planning A Ceremony

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Memorial Tree Planting Guide

If you're looking for a unique and nature inspired celebration of life, a memorial tree might be the perfect tribute to remember your loved one.

Choosing a memorial tree can be a tranquil and spiritual way to say good bye to someone, while returning them back to nature.

In this Memorial Trees Guide, we'll discuss how to go about creating a tree in memory for someone. We'll look at options available, different ideas, and also list some tree sympathy gifts

Why Plant a Memory Tree?

Why Plant a Memory Tree?

Memorial trees are a meaningful tribute, and you might decide to choose one for a number of reasons.

  • Powerful Symbolism: In many religions and spiritual philosophies, a tree is a powerful symbol in death. It represents the cycle of life, a return to mother nature, and the rebirth of a loved one.

  • Celebration of Life Ceremony: The activity of planting a tree in memory of a loved one can be the special part of the memorial service or death anniversary. This may be especially fitting tribute if the departed loved and appreciated nature.

  • Environmental Contribution: Planting trees purifies the air, provides habitat for wildlife, and enhances the natural landscape.

  • Sanctuary for Reflection: It serves as a peaceful place for contemplation and connection with the departed.

  • Legacy for Future Generations: It creates a lasting, living tribute that can be appreciated by family members and friends for future generations.

Memorial Tree Ideas

Not sure what and how to plan a Tree Memorial Ceremony? Below will discuss some important things to consider when putting together a personalized program.

Below you will find some ideas and things to consider before deciding to plant memorial trees.

  • Location: Pick a meaningful location for planting, like a private memorial garden, national forest, community park, or memorial forest.

  • Selecting the right tree: Choose a species that reflects the personality of the loved one and also is ecologically suitable for the location.

  • Ceremony Planning: Organize a planting ceremony with readings, music, or shared memories. You can get some ideas in our Celebration of Life Program article.

  • Community Involvement: Involve friends and family in the planting, making it a collective act of remembrance.

Tree Urns

Tree Urns
  • Easy To Plant: Comes with everything you need to plant memorial trees.

  • Cost-Effective: Options usually range between $130-$300.

  • Versatile: Suitable for both private property and cemetery planting.

A popular and convenient living tribute, Tree urns are specifically designed urns that allow for a tree to grow from the ashes of a loved one. If you don't know much about planting trees, this might be a great choice because the kits come with everything you need. This usually includes a container, seeds, bark, instructions and more.

Natural Burial Urns

Natural Burial Urns
  • Completely biodegradable: Although not Tree urns, they are beautifully designed and can be placed directly within the ground.

  • Uses all of the Ashes: These natural urns usually have a large capacity to hold all of your loved one's ashes.

  • Cost effective: These urns are relatively cheap, ranging from $80-$350.

For those who want to inter their loved one’s ashes in a ecologically friendly way, a biodegradable burial urn would be a perfect memorial. These urns are usually made from organic materials like palm leaves, paper, clay, olive pits, and wood, as well as other plant matter.

Memorial Forests

Memorial Forests
  • Eco-friendly burial: Choose a final resting place in a location that contributes to forest conservation

  • Personalization: Options to choose specific trees and locations allow for a personalized memorial experience.

  • A place to visit: They provide a tranquil and accessible location for a family member and friends to visit and remember.

Memorial forests are protected lands (Sometime National Forests) where ashes can be spread at the base of a private, established tree, serving as a final resting place. They offer an eco-friendly alternative to traditional burial, contributing to forest conservation and providing a serene location for loved ones to visit and remember the deceased.

Memorial Tree Gift Ideas

If you're attending one of these ceremonies, you might be wondering what sympathy gift would be appropriate for a Tree Planting Ceremony. Below you will find a list of meaningful gift ideas that go well with the natural theme.


Memorial Plants

Memorial Plants

Bringing a sympathy plant gift to an outdoor ceremony is a very thoughtful and appropriate gesture.

There are a number of online providers that specialize in memorial plants, both indoor and outdoor. Apart from their beauty, they symbolize growth and life, providing a healing, tangible reminder of the deceased.

Memorial Seeds

memorial seeds

Another creative sympathy gift to consider are memorial seeds. In the theme of planting trees, these seeds come in customized packets that can be planted in memory of the loved one, with a variety of tree, flower, or plant options.

Plant a Tree in Honor of Someone

Tree Planting Services

Did you know that there are services to plant trees in memory of someone? This is a lovely gesture and gift that contributes environmental conservation and forest restoration.


The recipient of this tribute typically receives a personalized acknowledgment, such as a certificate or a commemorative card, which serves as a meaningful reminder of the tribute and the loved one's memory.