Memorial Garden Ideas: 12 Beautiful Ways To Remember Your Loved One

Written by: Adam Binstock



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Memorial Garden Ideas

One way to pay tribute and celebrate the life of your loved one is with the timeless beauty of a memorial garden.

Not only are these spaces a wonderful tribute, but these memorial gardens can be an important part in healing process for friends and family. 

They may also play an important part in a celebration of life ceremony or death anniversary.

In this article, we'll give you a few memorial garden ideas for creating the perfect serene space for spending time.

Wind Chimes

Memorial Wind Chimes

If you want to remember your loved one with just a beautiful sound, a wind chime is a soothing and serene option. You can choose from metal, wood, or ceramic chimes, each offering a distinct sound and aesthetic. They're a lovely addition to any memorial space with their beautiful display and calming effect. Your wind chime will remind you of your loved one whenever the wind blows, making it feel like they're communicating through a melody.

Memorial Stones

Outdoor Memorial Stones

A memorial stone gives you another tangible way to decorate your memorial garden that's dedicated to your loved one. These stones are usually personalized with engraving of your loved one's name, dates, or a special message. Available in various shapes and sizes, from river rocks to more polished stones, they serve as a durable tribute within the garden.

You may also decide to decorate your physical space with personalized stepping stones. It's all about the symbolic details, and these stepping stones will add a personal touch to your memorial garden.

Personalized Stepping Stone
Personalized Stepping Stone

Flower Beds

perennial flower bed memorial

Creating a flower bed in a special place in your garden is a beautiful and colorful way to remember your loved one. Choose a quiet corner in your garden and plant your loved one's favorite flowers. Some flowers will even attract butterflies, a symbol of renewal and change.

Whether it's roses for love, forget me nots for memories, water lilies, or any other blooming flowers, anyone you choose will be a special flower.

Candle Lanterns

Candle Lanterns

Candle lanterns not only provide outdoor lighting, but also a gentle, flickering light for your memorial garden. They can be hung from trees or placed along pathways, available in various styles (sometimes with solar lights) to match the garden's theme. This garden idea creates a warm and quiet place for reflection, especially in the evenings, for you and other visitors.

Memorial Trees

Memorial Trees
Single Tree for memorial planting

In our article about Tree Planting for a Celebration of Life, we spoke about creating a living tribute to a loved one by planting a memorial tree. So if you're creating a memorial garden, these trees are a perfect way to pay tribute to your loved one.

You can choose a type of tree that was meaningful to your loved one or one that thrives in your climate, offering beauty and shade for years to come. It’s a lovely gesture because as the tree grows in your outdoor space, it will become part of your garden design, while it stands as a living legacy.

Memorial Bench

Memorial Garden Bench

If you're looking for memorial garden ideas for your lost loved, a memorial bench can create a special place. A small bench provides a place to sit, reflect, and remember in the tranquility of the garden. This memorial garden idea invites you to take a moment of pause in your busy life, offering a space for quiet contemplation and connection with the memory of your loved one.

Bird Feeders

Memorial Bird Feeder

If you want to attract birds and other wildlife to your memorial garden, a bird feeder is another creative idea. You can choose from various styles to match your garden’s theme, from simple to ornate. It’s a delightful garden idea because the presence of birds can symbolize freedom and the continuation of life.

Water Fountain

Memorial Water Fountain

If you appreciate the calming sound of trickling water and spending time in nature, a small fountain might be perfect for your memory garden. This water feature will create a peaceful sound all year round for you to reflect, remember, and connect in your memorial garden.

Memorial Pond

Memorial Pond

In terms of memorial gardens, this idea is a little more tricky to create without some landscaping, but nevertheless it's worthy suggesting.  A small pond is another water feature that serves as a peaceful addition to your memorial garden. Where running water flows and life thrives, which symbolizes the ongoing journey of memories and the essence of your loved one's spirit.

Memorial Swing

old fashioned memorial swing

Perfect for someone that enjoyed life by sitting in the shade, an old fashioned swing is one of those nostalgic memorial garden ideas. Adding a memorial swing to your garden provides a quiet place to sit, rock gently, and reminisce about the times shared with your loved one. A few ideas for the swing: can be a simple wooden bench style or suspended from a sturdy single tree or a freestanding frame.