Celebration of Life Invitations: Wording, Examples, & Templates

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Celebration of Life Invitations

Crafting the right words for a Celebration of Life Event can be a challenging task during this emotional time.


In this guide, we'll help you choose the right words, provide heartfelt examples, and include the appropriate information for your Celebration of Life Ceremony.


We'll also suggest some excellent online marketplaces for creating Celebration of Life invitation templates.

Celebration of Life Invitation Wording

celebration of life invitation wording

There are certain details you want to include in the ceremony invitation. Below you will find a list but you will also be able to see how it looks in our Celebration of Life Templates section.


Essential Information to include:

  • Title of the Event: A warm and inviting personal message like "Celebrating the Wonderful Life of Jane Smith".

  • Name of the Honoree: The full name of the person whose life is being celebrated.

  • Date & Time: Clearly state the date and time of the event.

  • Location: Provide the full address of the venue, including any important directions or landmarks.

  • RSVP Information: Contact details for RSVP, such as an email address or phone number, and the RSVP deadline.

  • Dress Code: Specify the dress code, whether it's casual, formal, or themed (e.g., wearing your loved one's favorite color).

Other celebration details to consider:

  • Describe what is a Celebration of Life: Many guests may not have attended a Celebration of Life Ceremony before. So it might be a good idea to explain what to expect.

  • Photograph of the Honoree: If appropriate, include a cherished photograph of the honoree.

  • Brief Biography or Tribute: A short description or tribute to the honoree's life and accomplishments.

  • Event Program: Outline the program or schedule of events, if applicable.

  • Special Requests: Mention if guests are encouraged to bring photos, share stories, or participate in any special rituals.

  • Memorial Contributions: If desired, provide details for charitable donations in lieu of flowers.

Celebration of Life Wording Examples

  • "Join us under the whispering oaks to celebrate the beautiful life of John Tyler, a true friend of nature." Nature inspired words suitable for a Tree Memorial Ceremony.

  • "As the tides ebb and flow, so do the wonderful memories of Mary Smith. Gather with us by the sea to honor her adventurous spirit." Appropriate words for a Sea Scattering Ceremony.

  • "In the garden of memories, we gather to celebrate Alice Green, whose love for blooms touched us all."

  • "Celebrate the vibrant life of Thomas Brush, a master of colors and creativity, in a gathering as unique as his art."

  • "Friends & Family, Join us for a harmonious tribute to Emily Bruce, whose life was a beautiful melody that touched our hearts."

  • "Embark on a final journey with us to celebrate the adventurous life of David Explorer, who found joy in every corner of the world."

  • "Gather for a chapter of remembrance in honor of Sarah Wordsworth, whose life story was as rich and inspiring as her favorite novels."

  • "Under the starlit sky, we will reminisce and celebrate the life of Neil Starman, who always had his eyes on the cosmos."

Celebration of Life Invitation Templates

If you're wondering how to design and customize Celebration of Life Invitations, there are a number of online resources that will the perfect template for honoring your loved one.


Zazzle is an online marketplace that allows you to edit, print, or download Celebration of Life Invitations and announcement templates.


They offer a number of template designs and options to customize the invitations such as paper type, envelope colors, size, and more.

Zazzle Celebration of LIfe Template

Paperless Post

If you're looking to share your celebration of life invitations online and track rsvps, Paperless Post might be a great option.


Apart from customizing templates, these invitation can be sent via email, text message, or a shareable link. It also includes features for tracking RSVPs and communicating with invitees.

Paperless Post Celebration of Life
Paperless Post Celebration of Life1

Canva Invitations

Another site that will help you create your own design for an invitation is Canva. The templates can be easily customized, you can add a photo, and find a theme that reflects the occasion appropriately.

Canva Celebration of Life Invitation