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Sierra Walnut Handmade Wooden Urn

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This extraordinary hand turned pure walnut wooden urn offers a lovely container for storing the memory of your loved one.

The item is crafted with materials that are naturally found in the environment. Walnut is durable and dense with excellent shock resilience to last for years to come. The chocolate brown hue of this urn gives it a stunning robust appearance with a high gloss urethane finish for longevity and endurance.

Each item is one of a kind due to the natural woodgrain markings and unique characteristics of the wood. Walnut trees are remarkable and signify inspiration, intelligence, and wisdom. They are also seen as symbols of focus and clarity by the Native American tribes, making this urn a fitting keepsake urn for remembering someone you have lost. 

Rush orders

The artist can sometimes offer a "rush" service (For an additional fee of $60) where turnaround time can be less than two weeks usually.

If you have a deadline and need the urn completed fast, please contact us at 850-846-8662, and we will check to see if it is possible.

Sealing the lid

You can seal the lid by adding silicon adhesive inside the rim before closing it securely.

The Highlights

  • Handcrafted in the USA from trees that fell over naturally
  • Made from superior quality solid walnut wood
  • Unique hand turning on lathe manufacturing process
  • Keepsake urn size: 3-5 inches tall x 3-4 inches wide and 50 cubic inch capacity
  • Small urn size: 7-9 inches tall x 5-6 inches wide and 100 cubic inch capacity
  • Standard urn size: 9-10 inches tall x 7-8 Inches wide and 200 cubic inch capacity
  • Companion urn size: 11-12 inches tall x 9-10 inches wide and 400 cubic inch capacity
Sierra Walnut Handmade Wooden Urn