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Salium Shell Biodegradable Sea Burial Urn

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The Salium biodegradable urn features a completely white, almost angelic appearance, perfect for honoring the memory of a beloved person who has passed on. The item resembles a rare, pure white Mioko Murex seashell found in the Solomon Islands. It is an endearing vessel to return a loved one’s or pet’s ashes to nature by submerging it in a body of water. Each urn is crafted by hand, using only natural materials like salt & natural binders.   

How long does the urn take to sink?

These urns are designed to float for around 5-15 min, however float time will depend on specific water and weather conditions. Also keep in mind that these urns are designed for the complete ashes of one adult. Therefore only including a partial amount of ashes may result in longer float time.

The Highlights

  • Material: salt & natural binders
  • Urn depth: 21.7 & 28 cm
  • Urn capacity: 3.2 & 4 litres
  • Color: Pure white
  • Weight: 3.9 / 4kg
  • Handcrafted and biodegradable
  • Suitable for human and pet cremains

Scattering Laws: Federal burial at sea guidelines require that cremated remains be scattered at least three nautical miles from land.

Customer Reviews

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Disappointed - didn't float

10 Stars, if I could, for youareforever.
Adam was beyond helpful arranging the purchase and trans-border shipping to Canada was smooth. He was very accessible for questions, help and follow-up.

1-star for the urn.
It arrived with exceptional packing, was pictured and we were happy with how it looked. However it sank immediately like a lead weight when placed in the water which absolutely took away from the ceremony. We had planned to play favorite music, say a few words and place flowers while the urns floated for a few minutes. Very disappointed that we missed the one chance to do so.
( We also used the Cuarzo urn for our fathers ashes and it too sank immediately ).