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Sage Serenity Artistic Ceramic Urn

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  • Dimensions:  Adult (8.6"W x 5.7"L x 11.6"H) & Keepsake (6.6"W x 3.3"D x 4.3"H)
  • Capacity: Adult (195 cubic inches) & Keepsake (26 cubic inches)
  • Weight: Adult (4.3 lbs) & Keepsake (1.5 lbs)
  • Suitable for outdoors and home use
  • Bottom filled/No bag needed
  • Includes a place for a tealight candle

The Sage Serenity Artistic Ceramic Urn, a fine ceramic cremation urn, is a lovely and heartfelt way to remember your loved one. This adult-sized urn was thoughtfully created as a fitting monument to their life. A gradual inward spiral, present in the design's distinctive elements, represents the natural progression of time. It functions as a treasured keepsake for the ashes of your loved one thanks to its calming and alluring aesthetics.

Spiritual Symbolism

The Sage Serenity Artistic Ceramic Urn is crafted from ceramic in a deep green tone, representing healing, peace, and rebirth. The melange pattern adds depth and symbolizes the nuanced yet beautiful journey of life. The color green carries spiritual symbolism associated with growth, harmony, and renewal, making it a fitting choice for this meaningful memorial.

Who is This Urn Perfect for?

For Families

  • Families looking for a serene and elegant memorial to honor their loved ones
  • For families who value a peaceful and harmonious remembrance of their beloved family member. 

For the Loved One

  • If your loved one appreciated art and nature, this urn would be a beautiful tribute to their memory.
  • Individuals who had a special connection with the color green or found solace in the symbolism of renewal would be honored by this urn.

Customer Reviews

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Anna Turnbull
Absolutely stunning!

Absolutely stunning modern yet timeless sculpture for my mum's ashes. Arrived quickly with no issues. Thank you so much for making such a special piece.