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Memorial Celestial Sky Glow In The Dark Pendant

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This stunning sympathy nature-inspired glass pendant is truly unique. The eye-catching swirl detailing reminds you of a velvety blue starlit sky. What makes it even more unique is the natural glow in the dark glass material. Each pendant is hand crafted and inimitable. You have the option to add a tiny bit of infused ashes to celebrate a departed family member or pet.

  • Pendant material: glow-in-the-dark-glass
  • Keepsake type: human or animal
  • Pendant color: blue with white swirly pattern
  • Pendant size: 1.25-1.75 inches
  • Included: glass pendant, faux leather cord and drawstring velvet bag
  • Cord length: 18, 24, or 30 inches
  • Cord color: various to choose from
Ordering Process

1. Add, checkout, & pay for the memorial(s)
2. We will send you our You Are Forever kit (Free of charge), which includes an ashes collection kit, a Priority Express Envelope (Unpaid), along with instructions of how to fill & send the ashes.
3. You fill and send* your loved one’s ashes to the artist(s) creating your memorial.
4. Expect the artist to send back your memorial within 6-8 weeks after them receiving the ashes.

*It is important to note that you will need to pay for sending your loved one’s ashes kit back to the artist. According to postal regulations, it is only permitted to send cremains via USPS Priority Express (Which usually costs around $27). While we highly recommend sending via this method, we will accept cremains that arrive by other means.

Multiple Artists: In order to provide a wide range of memorials, we work with multiple artists who work remotely all over the US. So keep in mind that if you buy different styles of memorials (Made by different artists across the country) you will need to send ashes (And therefore pay for multiple packages) to separate locations. Please note that this wouldn’t apply to the case of purchasing more than one of the same memorial.

Handling the Cremated Ashes

Handling the cremains is simple and quick, and we provide some instructions in our kit. Included also is a small biodegradable spoon along with a plastic vial to secure the ashes carefully.