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Full Body Custom Pet Portrait

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Capture the essence of your beloved four legged furry friend with this lovely custom pet portrait. The artist captures your pet’s image on a large sized canvas using a photograph. You can choose between three assorted sizes and each item is uniquely crafted with superior quality acrylic paint on stretched canvas. You can choose a rainbow-colored background, your favorite color, or leave it up to the artist’s discretion. This gift offers an endearing way to celebrate the life of a beloved family pet that is still part of your family or that has passed away.

  • Material: Stretched canvas
  • Type: Full body portrait
  • Size: choose from three varied sizes
  • Personalisation options: rainbow background/ add pet’s name, favorite toy etc.
  • Background: choose your favorite color or the artist will pick a suitable one
  • Wall mountable
  • Customised handmade item