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Personalized Custom Handmade Clay Pet Urn

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Celebrate the essence of a beloved deceased pet with this delightful polymer clay pet urn. Our animals share our lives and show us unmatched devotion.

This memorial keepsake offers an ideal way to show our love and appreciation, and to treasure their memory forever.

Each item is hand crafted to recreate specific characteristics of your pet. You have customisable options like adding a bone handle on top of the lid, and the item is available in various size options.

  • Material: Polymer clay
  • Sizes: Small (10cm), Medium (15cm), and Large (20cm)
  • Type: face
  • Special features: the clay is baked in an oven before it is hand painted with quality acrylic paint and sealed for longevity.

Turnaround times: Due to our artist being located overseas, there is a slightly higher wait time on this memorial.