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Asher Sandblasted Titanium Ashes Ring

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    How To Order

    1. Place your order and pay through our website.

    2. Sending the remains:

    ASHES: We will need 2 tablespoons at a minimum (30 grams). Place the ashes inside two Ziploc bags and place the bags inside a sealed plastic container. Extra will be returned.

    FUR: Please provide 1 handful at a minimum. Extra will be returned.

    3. Download and sign artists Liability Waiver (Required) send along with your supplied material.

    4. Sending the remains: Remains of any kind (human or animal) must be shipped USPS PRIORITY MAIL EXPRESS via SIGNATURE DELIVERY. Read more about this requirement by the USPS.

    The outside of the box must be prominantly labeled

    "Cremated Remains Label" on all sides that don't bear the shipping label.

    Ring Size Information

    Please note: This ring cannot be resized

    To ensure the perfect fit and be covered by our no-cost remake policy, we offer a free custom ring sizer in your presumed ring size.

    If you don't see your desired ring size available for order, please contact us.

    Quality Guarantee

    Lifetime Services

    We stand behind our products and offer the following lifetime services on all of our rings with the goal to help you retain your item’s original beauty and durability. Simply pay for return shipping and know we’ll do our best to keep your jewelry looking good as new.

    Ring Armor: If you find a scratch in the clear coating (Ring Armor) applied to a material (e.g. wood or antler), we’ll fix it for free.

    Meteorite Ring: Send us your meteorite ring for free cleaning and re-etching.

    Repair of Natural Materials: If the natural material in your item becomes damaged, please contact us and we can assess if it can be repaired (a fee may apply depending on level of damage). We will provide you with all repair options available. If your ring is deemed to be damaged beyond repair, we'll replace it with a new ring for a cost of 50% of the current retail price. This is a one-time offer and will not carry over to the new, replacement ring.

    Repair of Black Ceramic or Tungsten: Black Ceramic or Tungsten may shatter or chip and is therefore deemed to be damaged beyond repair, we'll replace it with a new ring for a cost of 50% of the current retail price, upon the return of the damaged ring. This is a one-time offer and will not carry over to the new, replacement ring.

    NOTE: If you take the ring to any other jeweler to get it resized, repaired or cleaned in any way, the guarantee is void. This includes any and all alterations made to your ring.

    The Highlights

    • Ring Width: 8mm
    • Ring Sleeve: Titanium
    • Ring Profile: Flat
    • Ring Finish: Polished

    If you're looking for a memorial ring that is both rugged and uncomplicated, the Asher Ring is an excellent choice.

    The Design

    Crafted with precision and care, this titanium ring features a sandblasted finish with a textured surface. The matte titanium sleeve adds a touch of style and sophistication.

    The Asher ring can also be a cherished gift for friends or family that shared a special bond with the loved one. This type of ring design wills suit people that love simple and understated jewelry.

    Who is this ring perfect for?

    • For someone looking for a contemporary & masculine way to celebrate the life of their loved one
    • For someone looking for a memorial ring that is discreet and not too flashy
    • You want to keep your loved one's memory always close to you
    • A tribute to someone that was strong, resilient, and great role model
    • They were uncomplicated, easy going, and unpretentious 

      Spiritual Symbolism & Colors

      In many cultures, titanium is perceived as a representation of inner strength and the ability to overcome challenges. 

      The word Titanium comes from the Greek word “Titanos” which means “sons of the earth.” Titanium's connection to the Earth realm aligns with the concept of our loved ones returning to the embrace of Mother Earth after their physical journey ends.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 3 reviews
      Jacob V
      Very stylish ring

      The ring came exactly as pictured, which was perfect. No issues with ring size or any faults. Overall extremely happy with everything- design, process, and communication.

      Sue Norman
      Very positive experience

      Got this ring for my husband to remember his late mother. He was very happy touched by the surprise. Top notch service! Item as expected, smooth process, and delivered quicker than expected.

      Brad Shepherd
      Very stylish and the inlay band is even more comfortable than I expected!!

      More than happy with the look of this Asher ring. It's very comfortable and looks great. The workmanship is very impressive. Thank you!

      How This Ring Is Made

      You might be wondering how the ashes or fur ends up in your ring? It's probably easiest to understand by looking at the diagram to the right. Basically the ashes or fur are inlaid into the ring itself. The part above is the think layer of coating to help protect the ring material.

      Common questions about this Memorial Ring

      How much ashes do you need to make a ring?

      You will need to send 2 tablespoons at a minimum (30 grams). We may not use the whole amount and what is left over will be shipped back with the completed item.

      If you are sending hair or fur to be used in a ring, we ask for at least a handful.

      How Do I send the ashes?

      1. Place the ashes inside two Ziploc bags and place the bags inside a sealed plastic container. Any extra remains will be returned to you.

      2. Sending the ashes: Once you've placed an order, we will provide you with the address of where to send the ashes.

      Remains of any kind (human or animal) must be shipped USPS PRIORITY MAIL EXPRESS via SIGNATURE DELIVERY.

      Read more about these requirements via the USPS website.

      If you have any questions, our memorial sales team will be able to walk you through the process.

      Can you memorialize pets?

      Absolutely! Many of us are devastated by the loss of our pets and are naturally looking for a memorial to honor their life. If you look through our Cremation Rings section, you'll be able to find some designs specifically for pets. You will be able to provide remains such as ashes, fur, or maybe even flower petals.

      Can this ring be engraved?

      Yes, some rings can be engraved (For free) depending on the materials used in the ring. So generally, engraving can only be done usually inside the ring.

      Non-metal materials cannot be engraved. This includes materials coated with Ring Armor (wood, antler, crushed materials) and mokume gane. We also cannot engrave rings less than 2mm wide.

      Can you customize this ring?

      We'll do our best to accomodate your tastes and needs.

      Nearly all of our items can be ordered as seen or modified in a variety of ways. If you're interested in changing this design, get in contact with out sales team and tell us what you have in mind.

      We'll reply and let you know if it's possible and what the cost would be.

      What if I'm not sure about my ring size?

      We want you to be completely comfortable with your ring. So we highly recommend ordering a custom ring sizer kit.

      RING SIZE- We recommend ordering more than one custom sizer around your estimated ring size. For example, if you estimate you're a size 10, order a size 10 sizer along with a size 9.5 and/or size 10.5.

      Want To Customize This Ring?

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