10 Unique Grave Decorations to Honor Your Loved One

Written by: Adam Binstock



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Unique Graves Decorations

Unique grave decorations are meaningful way to personalize and honor your loved one's final resting place.

If you're not sure what decoration ideas would be appropriate for your loved one's grave, have a look at some of our creative options below.

Personalized Memorial Stones

personalized memorial stones for graves

These decorative stones, ranging from river rock to elegant granite, can be etched with messages, verses, or even images that capture the essence of your loved one. They not only mark a gravesite but also serve as a meaningful tribute that withstands the elements.

Favorite Personal Items

Personal items on grave

One way to add a personal touch to your loved one's final resting place is with their favorite possessions. These items carry the essence of their life's story and the bond shared with them. These unique grave decorations could include:

  • A favorite book

  • Cherished keepsake

  • Stuffed animals

  • A patriotic flag

  • Sports memorabilia

Memorial Candles

memorial candles for grave

You are probably familiar with the tradition of memorial candles, so we won't go into much detail. The act of lighting a candle is a meaningful tribute, and a quiet moment to meditate on the life of your loved one.

Custom Plaques

heart shaped grave plaque

If you want some extra space to add a unique message to your loved one's grave, a plaque might be an excellent option. Usually made of granite or bronze, these plaque have space to write a unique message like a poem, quote, or even some symbolic artwork.

Solar Angel Statues

solar angel statue

Keep your loved one's memory alive with a beautiful solar angel statue. These angels stand symbolically as guardians by your loved one's grave, watching over them. With solar-powered lights that charge by day and glow by night, they are a lovely addition to your grave decorations.

Grave Blanket

Grave blankets are a unique decoration that drapes over the memorial, symbolizing comfort and respect. Typically used in colder months, these blankets can be made of evergreens or other durable foliage. This tradition provides a warm, visual embrace, keeping the memories of your loved one vivid in their final resting place.

Memorial Garden

memorial garden on grave

If your loved one appreciated nature, why not make a small memorial garden on their grave? By planting a variety of flowers, shrubs, and trees that they cherished, this small garden can be a living tribute to your loved one.

Handmade Ornaments

Handmade ornaments are like little time capsules, each holding a piece of history and memories. Whether it’s a locket containing a cherished photo, an ornament spun from a beloved garment, or even stuffed animals made for a special occasion, these trinkets carry the essence of your loved one.

Seasonal Grave Decorations

As the seasons change, so too can the ways we keep our loved one's memory alive. Seasonal grave decorations allow us to reflect the time of year, be it through:

  • the hopeful blooms of spring

  • the vibrant colors of summer

  • the golden leaves of autumn

  • the solemn evergreens of winter

These rotating unique grave decorations offer a dynamic way to connect with the memory of the departed, aligning our remembrance with the rhythms of the natural world.


Christmas Wreath Grave Decoration

Wreaths are more than just a beautiful grave decorations, they are a symbol of the eternal cycle of life and death. Whether crafted from fresh blooms for a birthday or for Christmas holidays, each wreath weaves together elements of nature and memory, encircling the gravestone with a message of hope and continuity.