15 Unique Celebration of Life Venues

Written by: Adam Binstock



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unique celebration of life venues

You probably already know that a Celebration of Life event is not your typical memorial service. It tends to be more upbeat, personalized, and creative.

 But if your loved one was a larger than life, you might be looking for something very unique to give them a big send off.

 In this article we'll list some unique & fun celebration of life party venues. This includes special outdoor places like wineries right through indoor venues like restaurants.

 We hope these celebration of life ideas will help you decide on the perfect venue for your loved one.

A Restaurant Party

A Restaurant Celebration of Life

If you looking for something simple, relaxed, and very social, we suggest hosting a celebration ceremony in your loved one's favorite restaurant. 

 Whether it’s pizza or fine dining, it allows family and guests to experience and share an intimate time together. It also gives friends and family an easy way to talk and share special memories.

A Karaoke Bar

This can be a fantastic venue for a fun Celebration of Life, particularly if the person being remembered had a love for music, singing, or simply having a great time with friends and family. This fun filled and relaxed setting naturally encourages everyone to let their hair down, be themselves, and even step out of their comfort zones.

A Wine Event

Celebration of life party at winery

This can be an elegant and relaxed setting for family and friends, and particularly fitting for someone who had an appreciation for wine.

 This private event can take place at a vineyard, a winery, a specialized wine bar, or even at a private venue where various wines can be sampled.

An amusement park

amusement park celebration of life memorial

This can be an exhilarating and memorable venue for a Celebration of Life, especially for someone who  had a bit of a wild side, loved thrills, and was a  playful spirit. This fun venue is suitable for a small to medium size groups is appropriate for all ages.

A live music event

Was your loved one the life of the party or just loved rock music? Why not celebrate their life with a rock concert Let family and friends honor and dance for them with their style of music. This could be a organized public rock concert or a more personal mini concert in a private location.

Celebration on the road

Take a journey visiting places significant to your loved one’s life. It might be their favorite vacation spot, where they were born, or where they got married. 

It could be an unforgettable way to honor someone who loved the open road or someone who just loved an adventure. You can even add a scavenger hunt, with clues to the road trip and split the party up into pairs. 

The hunt can include the names of restaurants, specific snacks, town landmarks, and even clothing items the deceased loved. You can even ask guests to venture out and take selfies at these landmarks.

A hike trail celebration

Hike trail celebration of life

This could be an appropriate Celebration of Life, especially for someone who had a love for the outdoors, adventure, or physical fitness. Hiking allows attendees to quite literally, walk a path while reminiscing, providing both a physical and emotional journey of reflection.

A beach memorial

Beach Celebration of life memorial

A Celebration of Life on the beach provides a beautiful, open, and often cathartic setting for remembering a loved one. The ocean has its own poetic significance, often symbolizing eternity, renewal, and the cycles of life and death—making it a meaningful place for reflection.

A boat memorial

sea scattering ceremony

A popular idea for scattering ashes, a boat offers an intimate, peaceful, and sometimes even spiritual experience. If your loved one had a connection with the sea, you may wish to scatter their ashes in the ocean, from the boat.

A virtual ceremony

Zoom celebration of life

In our increasingly remote world of Zoom and Skype, a virtual Celebration of Life might be the most practical way to bring everyone together. You can make the occasion more personal by creating a custom virtual background, having a virtual toast, a part of the programme can allow everyone to share their memories and include an appropriate music playlist. 

A volunteer spot


A Celebration of Life at a place where the deceased volunteered or supported is not only fitting but also impactful. It allows friends and family to honor their loved one in a setting that meant something significant to them, and in some cases, to actively contribute to a cause they cared about. This could include an animal shelter, community garden, local park, children’s hospital, and much more.

A zoo celebration

This offers a unique and interactive location, especially for someone who had a love for animals, nature or conservation. A zoo provides both an entertaining and educational venue, making it a good option for families with attendees of all ages.

A museum

Hosting a Celebration of Life at a museum can add a touch of elegance and intellectual engagement to the occasion. It's particularly fitting for someone who had a love for art, history, science, or culture. The unique backdrop can offer attendees a more interactive and enriching experience compared to a traditional venue.

A forest ceremony

Natural burial ceremony

A Celebration of Life in a forest, brings attendees into a setting of natural beauty, tranquillity, and often spiritual significance. Surrounded by towering trees, singing birds, and the whisper of leaves, a forest venue provides a peaceful setting to celebrate a life that was well-lived. It’s also an opportunity for those who want to bury their loved one’s ashes in nature, to do so. Keep in mind though, you’ll need a biodegradable urn.

A fireworks show

celebration of life fireworks

Can serve as a breathtaking finale or centrepiece for a Celebration of Life event. The spectacle of light and color bursting against the night sky can symbolize a variety of things: a vibrant life, a final farewell, or even the sparks of joy and inspiration the deceased brought into the lives of others. A festive celebration like this could take place at a park, beach, or someone’s home.

Choosing The Right Venue

Choosing the right event space for a Celebration of Life is more than just a logistical decision; it's an opportunity to truly honor your loved one in a setting that reflects who they were. Here are a few things to keep in mind that can help you make the right decision:

  • Reflect on interests: think about what the deceased loved—be it art, nature, music, or animals—and consider venues that align with those interests.

  • Consider the practicalities: you might want to consider logistical factors such as location, accessibility, and capacity to make sure the venue is convenient for the attendees.

  • Think about attendees: while a lot of thought goes into focusing on the deceased loved one’s passions and personality, you will also need to think about how engaging the environment will be for attendees. An interactive venue could make the event more meaningful.

  • Budget constraints: venturing out beyond the walls of a traditional funeral service costs money. So, have a budget in mind and remember that some unique venues offer package deals that include catering or audio-visual equipment.

In conclusion, whatever you do and wherever you may go, be sure to keep your memories alive and treasure your deceased loved ones for who they were.