10 Fantastic Celebration of Life Table Ideas

Written by: Adam Binstock



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Celebration of Life Table Ideas

A Memory Table is a popular decoration fixture that is a fantastic idea for making any Celebration of Life Ceremony both personal and meaningful.

So what type of memory table & celebration of life decorations should you choose?

In this article, we'll list some table decoration ideas that will make a beautiful centrepiece for any memorial service.

How To Choose A Memory Table Theme

  • Theme of the Ceremony: A good place to start is if there is a theme for the Celebration of Life? If it's traditional, keep it simple with decorations like a guest book, flowers, candle, memory cards, and maybe a welcome sign. If the celebration event is a sports theme, you could get more creative with decorations such as paraphernalia, sports jersey, and anything else that brings life to the celebration.

  • Personal Interests: If you haven't chosen a theme for the service, think about your loved one's hobbies, passions, or interests, such as nature, art, music, or sports. Create a beautiful celebration around their passions.

  • Favorite Places: Theme the table around places that were significant to the loved one, such as their hometown, favorite vacation spots, or a cherished garden.

  • Favorite Color: Use the loved one's favorite colors to guide the choice of table linens, flowers, and other decor items.

Photo Display Memory Table

Photo Display Memory Table
A Memory Lane Photo Display

There are so many thoughtful ways to use photos to make a beautiful decoration tribute. This could include framed photos, a poster board, photo ornaments, or even memory cards.

One creative idea is to arrange a collection of favorite photos showcasing different stages of the loved one's life. This visual timeline can include childhood photos, important milestones, and happy moments with family members and friends.

Flower Arrangement Decorations

Flower Inspired Memory Table

If your loved one adored fresh flowers, a floral arrangement is a great idea that will add color and beauty to any memorial table.

Use their favorite flowers or plants to make the floral arrangements. You can also invite guests to bring a flower to the celebration, and then combine all the contributions into a large, communal bouquet or arrangement.

Candle Displays

Candle Funeral Decorations

Candle decoration ideas will create a warm and serene mood for your loved on's Celebration of Life. Set up candles and tea lights of various sizes and invite guests to light a candle in memory of the dearly departed. This will create reflective ambiance and be a beautiful tribute for a funeral service a celebration ceremony.

Memory Jar Decorations

Memory Jar
Personalized Memory Jar Decoration

Place a jar on the memorial table with note cards or small pieces of paper. Invite guests to write down their favorite memories or messages, which can be read later by the family or kept as keepsakes. This is a great activity to that allows guests and family to talk at the celebration ceremony. Mason jars are a great choice that can be found at a dollar store.

Book Lover Tribute

Book Lover Memory Table

Was your loved one an avid reader? Then why not honor their passion at the actual service by displaying their favorite. Maybe display a favorite quote or passage from a book, and guest book might also be fitting. This creative decoration idea creates a unique space will spark conversations and favorite memories with friends and family.

Nature Decorations

Nature Memorial Table

If you have decided on a nature inspired Celebration of Life, like a Tree Planting Ceremony, here are some ideas that will bring life to the memorial table.

Include decorations from nature, such as flowers, memorial plants, stones, plant seeds, and gathered branches are all suitable for someone that enjoyed the outdoors. 

Favorite Things Display

Favorite Things Decorations

Another great idea for a memorial service table is showcasing your loved one's favorite things. Decorate the memory table with a favorite photo, piece of jewelry, or a cherished book. The choices for table decorations are endless, but will depend on what your loved one truly treasured.

Sports Theme Memorial Table

Sports Themed Memory Table

Was your loved one a sports lover? If so, sports themed funeral decorations would make a beautiful celebration. Feel free to use memorabilia from their favorite teams and athletes, including jerseys, signed balls, and caps, alongside personal sporting equipment like a cherished basketball or golf clubs to serve as a focal point. You can also decorate with any of their trophies, medals, or certificates they earned, to honor their dedication and achievements.

Travel Adventures Celebration

Travel Memory Table

Did the person have a passion for travelling? Then some travel inspired decoration ideas would make a great celebration table. Decorate the table with a suitcase, favorite photos, travel guides, or even souvenirs. Invite guests to also speak and share their favorite memory while travelling with them.

Music Memorial Table

Music Inspired Memory Table

For music lovers or musicians, decorate and honor your loved one's passion with a music celebration. Display their musical instruments, concert tickets, and album covers. Consider setting up a space where guests can share stories about concerts they attended together or how certain songs remind them of the loved one.