Best Selling Sympathy Gifts

Collection: Best Selling Sympathy Gifts

In times of loss, it's comforting to know that friends and family are thinking of them. And one common way to show that you care is with a sympathy gift.

Below you will find our unique collection of best sympathy gifts for loved ones and friends.

We've handpicked this collection of gifts to be suitable for all types of personalities, tastes, budgets, and beliefs.

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Common Questions About Sympathy Gifts

Do you have to send a sympathy gift?

You don't have to, but it's a thoughtful gesture to show support during their tough time.

What’s the best sympathy gift to send?

Our first suggestion would be to think about the grieving family member or friend who is receiving the gift. What would they appreciate and provide them with comfort? Just remember, it’s the thought that counts so you don’t have to overthink it. We have a wide selection of thoughtful condolence gifts on this page which could be suitable.

Where can you buy a sympathy gift?

Without tooting our horn too much, you’ve come to the right online store! We’re sure you’ll find a thoughtful gift for your friend or loved one. Apart from buying a condolence gift online, you may choose to buy something from your local florist or specialty store.

How much should you spend on a sympathy gift?

There’s no set budget, spend what you’re comfortable with. Focus on the sentiment rather than the price. To give you an idea of how much gifts cost on our site, expect to pay anywhere from $60 right through to $180.

Can you give a gift card as a condolence gift?

Absolutely, it’s a beautiful way to show you care and it’s a popular choice on our site. If you’re not sure what your friend or loved one would appreciate, let them choose something meaningful for themselves. Be sure to write them a personalized message to let them know you’re thinking of them.

Is it rude not to send a sympathy card?

It's not necessarily rude, but a sympathy card can provide comfort and let the recipient know you're thinking of them. If you can't send a card, a heartfelt message or a phone call can also convey your condolences

Choosing a thoughtful Sympathy Gift

Searching for the perfect gift to help your friend or loved get through a difficult time?

We'll give you some ideas and suggestions for selecting the right bereavement gift.

Types of Sympathy Gifts

  • Gift Baskets: Send your loved one a basket of comforting items like tea, chocolates, soup and candles. There are a variety of different gift box themes which you can find in our store.
  • Sympathy Plants: The plants can serve as a living tribute to the departed and bring a sense of peace and renewal to any space.
  • A Wind Chime: A gentle and soothing melody that whispers messages of comfort and remembrance with every breeze.
  • Care Package: Similar to sympathy gift baskets these packages tend to be more unique and personalized to recipient's needs. These packages could include meditation items, aromatherapy, and other touching ways to offer support.
  • Keepsake Box: A little box of cherished memories chest to hold mementos, photos, ashes, and more. It’s a special place to honor and preserve the legacy of a loved one.
  • Keepsake Urn: These small urns are ideal for loved ones who wish to keep a small amount of ashes inside a keepsake. They’re popular with large families who want to share their loved one’s ashes.