30 Unique Sympathy Gift Ideas That Will Bring Comfort To Someone At Loss

Written by: Adam Binstock



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Sympathy gift ideas

Whether it's for a friend or family member, we all want to choose a thoughtful sympathy gift that will be well appreciated and provide some comfort.

So what is the best way to choose a perfect gift?

In this article, we'll list some of the best sympathy gifts that are suitable for all types of people.

Traditional Sympathy Gifts

If the recipient of the gift is more on the conservative or religious side, it might be a good idea to consider are more traditional sympathy gift.

Funeral Flowers

sympathy flowers

When you think of a condolence gift, a well arranged funeral bouquet of flowers come to mind. They’re a beautiful way to pay your respects and honor the deceased.

Sympathy Baskets

Packed with comforting foods and treats, these sympathy gift baskets provide a practical and heartwarming way to show you’re thinking of someone during their time of sorrow.

Here are some examples of popular sympathy gift baskets:

  • Fruit Sympathy Gift Baskets

  • Wine & Cheese Gift Baskets

  • Charcuterie & Cheese Gift Basket

Sympathy Plants

For someone that appreciates nature, a Sympathy Plant might be a thoughtful sympathy gift. These plants are a living tributes that symbolize life and growth. 

Just be sure to think about practicalities such as whether the plants should be indoor/outdoor, level of maintenance, or whether it needs to be pet friendly.

Memorial Candle

Sympathy candles

Another traditional sympathy gift, lighting a candle in memory of someone is a traditional way to honor a loved one's spirit.

Angel Statue

Representing guardianship and hope, an angel statue can be a comforting presence in a home, reminding the bereaved they’re not alone.

Unique Sympathy Gifts

Memorial Wind Chimes

If you're attending a less formal memorial service like a Celebration of life Ceremony, you can choose a sympathy gift that is a bit more personal and creative for the recipient.

Memorial Wind Chimes

The gentle sound of a wind chime serves as a soothing reminder of loved ones, echoing their memory with every breeze. 

Sympathy Lanterns

Illuminating a space with a warm glow, sympathy lanterns offer light and comfort, symbolizing guidance through dark times.

Memorial Jewelry

Memorial Jewelry

Wearing a piece of jewelry that holds significance can keep memories close, making it a deeply personal gift.

Cremation Art

Cremation Art

For those seeking a unique way to honor a loved one, cremation art incorporates ashes into beautiful pieces, offering a one-of-a-kind memorial.

Memorial Bird Feeder

Encouraging nature’s beauty to visit, a memorial bird feeder can bring moments of joy and peace to those grieving.

Adopted Star or Moon

Name a star

Offering a celestial connection, this gift provides a vast, comforting thought that the loved one’s spirit is part of something grand and eternal.

Modern Sympathy Plants

If you're for a bereavement gift with a contemporary twist that will be well received by your friend or loved one, here are some ideas below:

Comfort Sympathy Blanket

This a heartfelt sympathy gift that provide comfort and warmth. It's a great way to encourage the grieving person that it's ok feel sadness and to be still.

Care Packages

sympathy gift blankets

Similar to a sympathy gift basket, are care package tends to be more personal and less traditional. They're ideal for grieving friend or college at work, which show that you're thinking of them in their difficult time.

Healing Crystals

Grief Crystals

For those who find solace in spiritual or natural elements, a crystal that aids grief might be the best sympathy gift for them. Crystals such as amethyst, quartz, or jade can offer comfort and healing energy.

Sympathy Music Box

Music has the power to heal and comfort someone through the grieving process, making a music box that plays a meaningful tune a deeply touching gift.

Memorial Stepping Stones

Placed in a garden, backyard, or somewhere meaningful, these stones serve as a pathway of memories, each step a reminder of love shared.

Engraved Memorial Bench

engraved memorial bench in backyard

These outdoor sympathy gifts can be bought for a private home but also can be a donation for a public park. Offering a place to sit, reflect, and remember, an engraved bench is a lasting tribute to the departed.

Memorial Gifts For Children

Sympathy gifts for children require a little more care and sensitivity when choosing a suitable gift. Make sure you consult with a parent or family to see if it will aid them in their healing process.

To give you some good ideas, here are some of the best sympathy gifts for children:

The Invisible String Book: By Patrice Karst

This book provides a comforting message to understand connections that remain despite physical absence, ideal for helping children cope with loss.

How I Feel: Grief Journal For Kids

This guided journal can help children express and navigate their feelings of grief in a meaningful way. This is a thoughtful option for a mature child who needs some guidance in their mourning process.

The Giving Bear

Memorial Gifts For Children

A self soothing gift that's soft and cuddly bear, it will comfort and a sense of security during sad times.

Slumberkins Snuggler

Another self soothing gift, a snuggler will provide a safe and special place for the child to connect with their feelings.

Sympathy Books

Books are popular condolence gifts for someone that likes to read or is need of a bit of advice and inspiration.

"The Year of Magical Thinking" by Joan Didion

This memoir offers a profound look into the journey of grief after losing a spouse, providing comfort and connection to those experiencing similar loss.

"Healing After Loss" by Martha Whitmore Hickman

With daily meditations, this book serves as a gentle guide through the process of grieving, ideal for anyone looking for daily support.

Guided Grief Journal

Great sympathy gifts for the introspective type. A helpful tool for processing feelings of loss, this journal includes prompts to help articulate and explore one's grief journey.

"The Art of Losing: Poems of Grief and Healing" by Kevin Young

A collection of poems that resonate with the heartache and healing of loss, offering solace through the power of words.

Finger Painting Kit

Encouraging creative expression, this kit includes non-toxic paints and paper, ideal for a therapeutic art session to express emotions in color and movement.

Customizable Memory Book

A photo book template that can be personalized with memories, photos, and notes about the loved one, creating a beautiful keepsake of cherished moments.

Watercolor Set For Adults

This set invites adults to express their feelings through the soothing medium of watercolor, providing a peaceful outlet for grief.

Pet Memorial Gifts

Pet Sympathy Gifts

Studies have shown that people grieve for animals like they do with humans. So a special way to acknowledge the loss of a furry friend is with a pet sympathy gift.

Personalized Suncatcher

Catching the light in a beautiful way, this customized suncatcher can be a daily reminder of a beloved pet's spirit. When it comes to pet suncatcher sympathy gifts, you can personalize it with your pet's name, dates, photos, and more.

Keepsake Jewelry

Holding a small memento or part of a pet, cremation jewelry allows one to keep their cherished pet close to their heart.

Pet Memorial Keychain

A practical yet sentimental item that can be a nostalgic and comforting reminder of a furry friend that's passed on.

Pet Collar Ornament

Turning a pet's collar into a hanging ornament is another thoughtful sympathy gift and meaningful tribute to their life.

Paw Stepping Stone

Placed in a garden or pathway, this stone is a loving landmark to a pet's presence in life and memories.

DIY Sympathy Gifts

handmade sympathy box

You don't have top spend a lot of money on the 'best sympathy gift'. In fact, some of the most unique sympathy gifts that are most appreciated are handmade.

If you're the creative type and good with your hands, here are some ideas to consider:

Personalized Gift Box

Out together a thoughtful sympathy gift basket with all of the recipient's favorite things. Now obviously this is a bereavement gift for someone you know well. Curated with care, this box can include favorite snacks, photos, small keepsakes, or other items significant to the bereaved, showing deep personal thought and sympathy.

Photo Collage

A touching tribute to a recently lost loved one. These photos will bring back fond shared memories and moments, a photo collage can be a comforting display of love and life.

Memory Jar

Filled with notes, memories, or quotes related to the loved one, this jar offers a tangible way to recall cherished moments.

Photo Album

A DIY photo album allows for a personalized collection of memories, stories, and pictures, creating a lasting memorial of the loved one's life.