The Best Biodegradable Urns For Burial & Scattering

Written by: Adam Binstock



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Best Biodegradable Urns

Looking for an eco-friendly and special way to honor your loved one’s remains? In other posts we've discussed celebrating the life of your loved one with a deeply personal scattering ceremony.

So in this article we'll talk about the different types of biodegradable urns, and what ceremonies they are most suited for.

Our Favorite Biodegradable Urns

Our Favorite Water Burial Urn: Dolphin Biodegradable Water Burial Urn

Our Favorite Burial Urn: Geos Biodegradable Tree Urn

Favorite Keepsake Biodegradable Urn: Keepsake Biodegradable Water Turtle Urn

Favorite Tree Urn: Ashdown Rustic Alder Tree Urn

Types of Biodegradable Urns

If you're not sure what biodegradable urn to choose or what's available, below is a list of the most popular types.

Water Burial Urns

Water Burial Urns

Water Burial Urns are a popular and serene way to return your loved one's ashes back to nature. A water scattering ceremony is perfect for a loved one or family that has a connection to water. And these biodegradable urns symbolize purification and life's continuous journey.

These cremation urns are typically made from natural materials like recycled paper, sand, salt, and natural fibers. This ensures a gentle and respectful integration into the ecosystem, however we do recommend you take a look at local scattering laws to make sure the urn isn't disrupting the environment.

Ground Burial Urns

Ground Burial Urns

If you want your loved one's final resting place in the cradle of the earth, a biodegradable burial urn is a respectful and sustainable way to honor a loved one's memory.

Made from biodegradable materials such as bamboo, cornstarch, and recycled paper, these earth friendly urns decompose naturally over time, enriching the soil and supporting new growth.

Upon burial, these biodegradable urns begin a slow and dignified decomposition, eventually merging with the soil and contributing to the circle of life. For example, a bamboo urn in its natural state will biodegrade completely within a span of one to eighteen months, leaving behind nourished earth and cherished memories.

Tree Planting Urns

Tree Urns

Embracing the cycle of life and death, tree planting urns offer a living legacy. These unique biodegradable urns are a fusion of your loved one's ashes, seeds, and environmentally friendly materials

As the tree urn decomposes, it nourishes a sapling, representing regrowth and remembrance. Some of these products even allow you to choose a particular tree species that's appropriate for your local environment.

This process of natural decomposition is not just a metaphor for life’s continuum but a tangible contribution to the environment. The sprouting tree symbolizes the deceased, growing over time into a living monument that provides shade and comfort to forthcoming generations.

Scattering Urns

Scattering Urns

For many families, to scatter ashes represents a release, a return to a special place, or a final journey for their loved one. If you prefer this method, it's probably not worth purchasing a biodegradable urn like the examples above.

Made from materials such as bamboo or cardboard, they are both environmentally responsible and practical. These urns open effortlessly, allowing for a respectful and untroubled scattering of ashes.

Whether it’s in a forest, or over a beloved lake, scattering urns provide a vessel to carry the ashes to their final destination.