Celebration Of Life Poster Board Ideas

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Celebration of Life Poster  Board Ideas

Designing a poster board for Celebration of Life is one of the most popular memorial decorations to make a unique ceremony.

If you're looking for celebration of life poster ideas, this article will show you some wonderful examples and also recommend how to go about creating one.

Why have a Celebration of Life poster?

  • It's an excellent welcome decoration: Having a poster board is a great way to welcome guests, and will set the tone or theme for the entire occasion.

  • Adds a personal touch: When planning one of these ceremonies, most us want to add a personal touch honor our loved one's memory.

  • Photos bring up old memories:  Having some photos on display for friends and family helps remember the good moments they had with your loved one. It creates an uplifting atmosphere for guests to share their own stories.

  • Grabs guests' attention: These poster boards also help guests know they have arrived at the right place. Or maybe you want guests to sign a guest book or card? You can place some of these items on a memorial table right next to the memorial poster.

Poster Board Ideas

Poster Board Ideas

To give you an idea on what you can design for your loved one, here are some popular poster ideas below.

Funeral Posters

If you're planning a traditional celebration of life or memorial service, a funeral poster will be the most appropriate option. 

Typical options for a funeral poster include simple photo enlargements, professionally designed collages, and even digital displays that can cycle through a series of images and messages.

Here are some of our favorite ideas below:

Traditional Funeral Poster Board

This funeral welcome sign is a typical poster you will find at an indoor memorial service. You can customize this poster with a cherished photo of your loved one and place it on an easel. It's available in two sizes and printed on premium foam board with vibrant UV-safe inks.

Funeral Photo Collage Decoration Set

Funeral Poster Decorations Set

If you want to tell a visual story, this collage set up of three different poster boards is both an elegant and creative display. This particular collage set uses 110 photos in these celebration of life posters.

Nature Inspired Wooden Poster Board

Rustic Wooden Poster Board

If your memorial is located somewhere in nature like forest, this poster design might be perfect. This celebration of life poster, crafted from paper with a convincing wood like finish, is elegantly shaped into a heart, offering a warm and rustic tribute to the dearly departed.

Poster Board Ideas For Beach Ceremonies

Beach Celebration Poster Board

If you've chose a beach themed or even a sea scattering celebration, this poster design might interest you. It captures the spirit of someone who had a deep love for the sea or found peace in its vast beauty.

Creative Memory Board For A Home Ceremony

Creative Memory Board

If chosen to host your celebration ceremony in your backyard, you can be creative and use anything for decorations. This backyard ceremony features a charming and nostalgic decoration, where old photos are creatively pegged onto a clothesline.

What Poster Board Will You Choose?

We hope this gave you some ideas and inspiration for designing a memorial poster. Whether you're going for a heartfelt or serene vibe, these ideas are all about making the ceremony as unique as the person you're remembering.